Free Online Bible Classes | Introduction to Hermeneutics (Part 1)

Lecture 1: Introduction to Hermeneutics (Part 1)

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It is important to recognize your presuppositions when you study and interpret the Bible. The writings of the Bible reflect diversity in authorship, genre and cultural background. The common theme that unifies the Bible as a whole focuses on the story of creation, fall and redemption.


Part A - Presuppositions for Evangelical Biblical Interpretation

I. The Bible as God's Word

A. The Bible is Inspired by God

B. The Authority of Scripture

1. Over Personal Experience

2. Over Reason

3. Over Tradition

II. The Interpreter Must be Born Again

III. The Interpreter Must be Filled with the Spirit

Part B - The Nature of the Bible: Unity & Diversity

I. Diversity of the Bible

A. Kinds of Diversity

B. Implications of Diversity

1. We must adapt the methodology for various kinds of literature.

2. We must recognize the progress of revelation.

3. We must allow the biblical writers to speak for themselves, and then seek an internal unity behind their diverse expressions of faith.

II. Unity of the Bible

A. Unity of Theme

1. The Bible is One Story.

III. “Systematic Theology” Becomes a Possibility.

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