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God as Governor

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God freely created the world and chooses to govern within the framework of the created order. The moral law is consistent with the character of God. God uses the moral law to convict the world of sin, bring us to Christ and keep us alive. Natural law is a body of moral principles that can be discerned by reason. Natural law is the will of God expressed in a created order. Deep conscience refers to the interior witness to the foundational principles of the moral law. Four characteristics of our moral design that are evident at the level of the species are interdependence, complementarity, spontaneous order and subsidiarity. 



A. Creative evolution


A. Moral law

1. The moral law predates Moses: it was given at creation

2. It is not the ceremonial law

3. The moral law is just, holy and good

4. Three uses of the law

5. Objective standard for moral judgment

B. Natural law

C. Budziszewski's description of natural law

1. The witness of deep conscience

2. The witness of design as such

3. The witness of our own design

4. The witness of natural consequences

D. Thomas Aquinas

E. Martin Luther King Jr.

F. John Wesley argued against slavery

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