Free Online Bible Classes | Genre of Covenant (Part 2)

Genre of Covenant (Part 2)

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The genre of covenant, and the Psalms


The Genre of Covenant

I. Two Types of Covenants

A. Parity Covenant

B. Suzerain Covenant

II. Abrahamic Covenant (Genesis 19:1-9)

III. Covenant Language in Scripture

A. Exodus

B. Mark 14

C. Acts 3

D. Corinthians

IV. Parts of a Covenant

A. Mosaic Covenant at Mt Sinai (Exodus 20:2ff)

1. The preamble

2. The prologue

3. The stipulations

4. Provision for continual reading


5. Witnesses

B. Covenant with Joshua (Joshua 24:1ff)

1. Preamble

2. Historical prologue (extensive in this case)

3. Stipulations

4. Provision for continuous reading

5. Witnesses

C. Types of law in the OT

1. Civil laws

2. Cultic laws

3. Moral laws