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The Ethics of the Kingdom of God

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A description of the teachings of Jesus, showing they were in contrast to what was promoted in the culture, as well as how there was continuity to the teachings of the Torah.


The Ethics of the Kingdom of God

1. People in the first century had a corporate mindset

a. Matthew 6:33

b. Mark 10:29

2. Creating community - Biblical family values

a. Family affirming Mark 10:1 ff

b. Mark 7

c. Loyalty to spiritual "family" vs. biological family

1. Mark 3:31-35

2. Luke 14:26

3. Matthew 19:1-12

3. Stewardship of material possessions

a. Three parables in Luke

b. Give to those who need it more than we do

c. Investing resources and making a profit

4. Compassion for the outcasts of society

5. Jesus' critique of religious conservatives of his day

6. Jesus exalts humility as a virtue, contrary to the values of the culture

7. Jesus' commands for servant leadership

8. Love as the centerpiece of Jesus' kingdom ethic

9. Continuity between Jesus' ethic and the Torah

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