Free Online Bible Classes | The Elihu Speech (Chapters 32-37)

The Elihu Speech (Chapters 32-37)

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Elihu is not mentioned either before or after his speech. He claims to be perfect in knowledge. Elihu thinks that the other three did not convince Job because they did not give a satisfactory answer, but Elihu ends up repeating what they have already said. He thinks that the doctrine of retribution is the answer to Job’s situation. Elihu is a warning to us that we don’t have all the answers.


I. Introduction to Elihu

II. Elihu Adds Nothing of Value to the Book of Job

A. Elihu is overconfident of his own wisdom

B. Elihu says nothing that has not already been said

1. God reproves a person but restores them if they repent

2. God is the wise and powerful ruler of the world

3. Evil people will be destroyed but the repentant will prosper

4. He wrongly assumes that Job is being punished for something he did

5. Even Elihu's claim that he must speak is not original

6. Elihu speaks of a dream

7. Sleep is impossible for the wicked

8. Elaborate discourses on how God punishes the wicked

C. Almost everyone in the book ignores Elihu

D. Some scholars think that the Elihu speeches were inserted later

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