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Defining the Gospel in Galatians

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Paul framed his preaching of the Gospel in the context of both the fulfillment of promises of God to Israel and the contemporary images of the Greco-Roman tradition. The Good News is not simply a matter of individuals experiencing a relationship with God, but also a broader theme of God establishing his rule over the universe through Jesus. [There is some intermittent static in the audio for about the first 30 minutes]


Defining the Gospel in Galatians

I. The Gospel

A. Two origins of the language of "good news."

B. Student definitions

C. Basic message of the Gospel

D. Referring to Jesus as Lord referencing terminology used in the Roman Empire

II. The New Perspective

A. Covenant nomism

B. History of the new perspective

C. How the New Perspective affects your reading of Galatians

D. Questions and answers

E. Strengths of the New Perspective position

F. Disagreements with the New Perspective position

G. Dr. Moo's approach to Galatians

H. Questions and answers

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