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2 Corinthians

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Paul defends his actions and apostleship and encourages the people in the church in Corinth to contribute to his collection for the poor in Jerusalem.


Lesson Twenty-five: Corinthians

Part 3

III. 2 Corinthians

A. Introduction

B. Outline

1. Salutation (1:1-2)

2. Thanksgiving (1:3-11)

3. Body of the Letter (1:12-13:10)

a. The defense of his actions and apostleship (1:12-7:16)

i. Defense of actions (1:12-2:13)

ii. Defense of apostleship (2:14-7:16)

b. The collection for the poor in Jerusalem (8:1-9:15)

c. Defense of apostleship and the future visit (10:1-13:10)

i. Defense of apostleship (10:1-12:13)

ii. Future visit (12:14-13:10)

4. Closing (13:11-14)