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Themes in 1 Peter include the atonement, the new birth and the continuity of the Old and New Testaments.


General Epistles

Part 5

III.  1 Peter (part 2)

A. Introduction


B.  Content

1.  The atonement of Jesus Christ

2.  Chapter 1

a.  "Born anew" (1:3)

b.  Continuity of Old and New (1:10)

c.  Hope in the grace to be revealed (1:13)

3.  Chapter 2

a.  Christ the living stone (2:4-8)

i.  Old Testament references

ii.  New Testament quotations

b.  Household rules (2:18-3:7)

4.  Chapter 3

a.  Atonement teaching (3:18)

b.  Preaching to the spirits (3:19-20)

c.  Baptism saves you (3:21)

5.  Chapter 4 and 5

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