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Class title Speaker(s) Learning Plan
12 Marks of a Healthy Board Leadership
52 Major Stories of the Bible Foundations
A Guide to Christian Beliefs Foundations
A Guide to Christian Theology Seminars
A Short Course on Evangelism Seminars
Acts Institute
Advanced Worldview Analysis Institute
An Urgent Call to Shepherd Leadership
Basics of Spiritual Growth Foundations
Bible Study Methods Academy
Bible Survey, A Big Screen Perspective Foundations
Biblical Eldership Leadership
Biblical Greek Institute
Biblical Hermeneutics Institute
Biblical Theology Institute
Breaking the Da Vinci Code Seminars
C.S. Lewis: His Theology and Philosophy Institute
Christian Apologetics Institute
Christian Ethics Institute
Church History I Institute
Church History II Institute
Counseling for Healthy Relationships Seminars
Depression: When a Member of the Flock Needs Special Care Seminars
Desiring God Seminars
Developing a Leadership Culture in the Church Seminars
Dynamics of Christian Spirituality Seminars
Educational Ministry of the Church Institute
Essential Luther Seminars
Essentials of African Traditional Religions Seminars
Essentials of Buddhism Seminars
Essentials of Christian Apologetics Seminars
Essentials of Christian Education Seminars
Essentials of Christian Ethics Seminars
Essentials of Church History Seminars
Essentials of Hinduism Seminars
Essentials of Islam Seminars
Essentials of Old Testament Theology Seminars
Essentials of Philosophy and Christian Thought Seminars
Essentials of the Old Testament Seminars
Essentials of Wesleyan Theology Seminars
Essentials of World Missions Seminars
Essentials of Worldview Analysis Seminars
Essentials of Worship Seminars
Forgiveness Seminars
Future Grace/Battling Unbelief Seminars
Galatians Institute
Gospel, Salvation, and Other Religions Seminars
Gravity and Gladness on Sunday Morning Seminars
Greek Tools for Bible Study Institute
Hadithi Hamsini na Mbili Kuu Katika Biblia Non-English
Hebrews Institute
History of Philosophy and Christian Thought Institute
History of the English Bible Seminars
How to Read Your Bible Foundations
Integrity of a Leader Leadership
Introduction to Buddhism Institute
Introduction to Hinduism Institute
Introduction to Islam Institute
Introduction to Public Speaking Seminars
Introduction to the New Testament: Gospel and Acts Institute
Introduction to the New Testament: Romans to Revelation Institute
Introduction to Wesleyan Theology I Institute
Introduction to Wesleyan Theology II Institute
La Vida es un Camino Non-English
Leading a Healthy Church Culture Leadership
Legal and Political Issues in the Church Leadership
Life is a Journey Foundations
Life of Christ Institute
Maisha Ni Safari Non-English
Martin Luther Institute
Ministry and Disabilities Seminars
New Testament Introduction Institute
New Testament Overview Foundations
New Testament Survey – Acts to Revelation Institute
New Testament Survey – Gospels Institute
New Testament Survey: Acts-Revelation Institute
New Testament Survey: Its Structure, Content, and Theology Academy
New Testament Theology Institute
Old Testament Survey Institute
Old Testament Theology Institute
Pastoral Care and Leadership Institute
Pastoral Epistles Institute
Pitfalls of Leadership Leadership
Prayer, Meditation and Fasting Seminars
Preaching Institute
Principles of Effective Leadership Institute
Project: Your Statement of Faith Seminars
Proverbs Institute
Psalms Institute
Revelation Institute
Romans Institute
Sexual Complementarity Seminars
Small Group Dynamics Seminars
Spiritual Abuse Seminars
Spiritual Formation Academy
Spiritual Formation and Devotional Intimacy Seminars
Spiritual Life of the Leader Institute
Spiritual Warfare Seminars
Suffering for the Sake of the Body Seminars
Systematic Theology I Institute
Systematic Theology II Institute
T.U.L.I.P. Seminars
Textual Criticism Institute
The Book of Job Institute
The Historical Reliability of the Gospels Institute
Theology and Practice of Evangelism Institute
Theology of Ministry Institute
Theology of the Reformers Seminars
Theology of Work Seminars
Theology of World Missions Institute
Traditions of Spirituality Seminars
Training Lay Leaders Leadership
Understanding Biblical Theology Seminars
Understanding the New Testament Seminars
Understanding the Old Testament Foundations
Understanding Theology Academy
Urban Church Planting Seminars
Urgent Call to Shepherd Seminars
What is the Gospel? Seminars
Why I Trust My Bible Seminars
Why We Trust Our Bible Academy
World Mission of the Church Institute
Worship Institute
Worship Pastors and their Teams Seminars
الحياةُ رحلةٌ Non-English
دليل المعتقدات المسيحيَّة Non-English
जीवन एक यात्रा है Non-English
बाइबिल की 52 कहानियाँ Non-English
बाईबल सर्वेक्षण, एक बडा पर्दा दृष्टिकोण Non-English
如何开始你的属灵旅程 Non-English