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A Commentary on Exodus (Kregel Exegetical Library)

A Commentary on Exodus (Kregel Exegetical Library)

The true fountainhead of Old Testament theology, Exodus illuminates the significance of the name Yahweh and introduces the title I AM. It tells of Israel's formative historical event, the exodus, as well as the making of the covenant at Sinai. It includes the first code of the Law in the Decalogue and Book of the Covenant. It details Israel's besetting sin in the idolatry of the golden calf episode, but it also describes Moses' intercession and the great revelation of God's mercy. In its display of the Tent of Meeting, it presents the theology of the priesthood, the sacrifices, and the central sanctuary. A Commentary on Exodus explores all of these objects and events with a view toward their significance both for the meaning of the Old Testament and for the message of the Christian church. Exegetically deep enough to satisfy the scholar and logically organized to meet the needs of the pastor, Garret's commentary promises to become standard reference material in Exodus studies.Every verse is given a fresh translation with copious explanatory notes, and particular attention is given to the poetry of Exodus, which the author demonstrates to be more abundant than previously believed.Difficult matters in the Hebrew are explored in footnotes, making technical discussions accessible to readers of Hebrew without interfering with the reading experience of the lay reader. This commentary also gives special attention to the needs of the preacher or Bible teacher; it describes how each section of Exodus relates to the New Testament and the Christian gospel.Garrett helps to dispel much confusion about Exodus by introducing the reader to Egyptian history and by carefully analyzing questions about the date of the exodus and the location of Mount Sinai.

Product Details

  • Author: Duane Garrett
  • Publisher: Kregel Academic
  • Publish Date: 2014-01-01
  • ISBN-10: 825425514
  • ISBN-13: 9780825425516
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