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March 15, 2019

What does it mean to forgive another person?

Forgiveness is the grace to start over. We are sinners and the consequences of our sinning spread like blood in the water. Inevitably we experience its painful effects in our relationships. Whenever we hurt someone else we try to rationalize our actions and make excuses for what happened. When others hurt us we want revenge and if we give in to that desire for revenge a vicious cycle of violence develops.

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August 6, 2018
Counseling for healthy relationships BT

What are the consequences of unmet needs?

Summary: In this episode of Curious Christian, Dr. Karl Elkins explains the consequences of unmet needs in our relationships. We all have needs. It is a Biblical concept. We all have needs that we need to be met, while you also have to meet “the” need in your relationship as well. You have to meet the need of the moment and do so guided by Scripture. Ephesians 4:29 says, ”Let no unwholesome words proceed from your mouth, but only such a word that is good for edification,” according to the need of the moment.

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April 4, 2012

Brain Rules

John Johnson on how the brain actually works: 
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