Free Online Bible Classes | Behemoth as the Beginning of the Ways of God (40:19)

Behemoth as the Beginning of the Ways of God (40:19)

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Behemoth is a dangerous power that God must reckon with. Some people think this is an allusion to animals that God created in Genesis 1:24. “Lady Wisdom” is the wisdom that God built into creation. Behemoth is dangerous and a force to be reckoned with, not the embodiment of good behavior. One aspect of principalities and powers is forces outside of the world we can see. In Revelation, God protects people from the fury and wrath of the beast, which is an oppressive power that seeks to take the place of God.  


I. Behemoth as the Beginning of the Ways of God

A. Some explain this as an allusion to Genesis 1:24

B. Possibly alludes to "Lady Wisdom"

II. Behemoth May Have Been the Forces of Chaos Present at Creation

A. Before God created, there was a lifeless void

B. Principalities and powers

C. The vision in Revelation of the woman and the dragon

D. Behemoth becomes the Beast in Revelation 13:1

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