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2 Peter - Authorship

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Some people question whether or not 2 Peter was written by the apostle Peter.


General Epistles

Part 6

IV.  2 Peter (part 1)

A.  Authorship

1.  Arguments against Petrine authorship

a.  Major differences with 1 Peter

b.  The reference to Paul's letters as Scripture

c.  The use of Jude

d.  Acknowledged as pseudepigrapha

e.  Difficulty in acceptance to the canon

2.  Arguments for Petrine authorship

a.  Letter claims to be written by Peter

b.  The letter is too short to consider style issues

c.  The letter was not considered pseudepigrapha

d.  Far better attested than those books left out of the canon

e.  Does not require Paul's writings to have existed in a complete collection

f.  Similarities between 2 Peter and Jude:

i.  Jude is dependent on 2 Peter

ii.  2 Peter is dependent on Jude

iii.  Both are dependent on a common source

iv.  Both were written by the same author

g.  Lack of institutionalized system of church government

h.  Latest date would be 135

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