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Acts - Arrest, Trial and Imprisonment

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Paul was arrested in the Temple in Jerusalem, went on trial in Caesarea, and was transported to Rome and imprisoned awaiting trial before Caesar.


Lesson Thirty-two: Arrest, Trial, and Imprisonment


I. End of the Third Missionary Journey


II. Paul Takes a Vow

A. Rumor (Acts 21:21)

B. Remedy (Acts 21:22-23)


III. Paul Seized in the Temple (Acts 21:28-30)


IV. Rome to the Rescue (Acts 21:21-33)


V. Paul's Roman Citizenship (Acts 22:24-29)

A. Ways to Be a Citizen of Rome

1. Born with it

2. Buy it

3. Do a great act of service

4. Freed slave

B. Why did the tribune believe that Paul was a Roman citizen?

1. He said he was.

2. Scroll testifying to his citizenship


VI. Defense before the Jews


VII. The Plot against Paul (Acts 23:23-33)


VIII. Paul in Caesarea

A. Accusation (Acts 24:5-6)

B. Defense (Acts 24:11-13)

C. Admission (Acts 24:14)


IX. Paul in Prison


X. Before Festus and Agrippa


XI. Paul to be tried by Caesar (Acts 25:12, 26:32)


XII. End of Acts

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