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Lecture 1: Approaching the Book of Job

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When you see what you would describe as evil and injustice in the world, how does that affect your view of God? When someone is suffering, do you assume that it’s because they are getting what they deserve? This lecture gives you an overview of book of Job by describing his situation, how he interacts with his friends and God, and what we can learn about how God is managing the world.


I. Basic Story

A. Why is there evil and injustice in the world?

B. Satan confronts God and God responds

C. Three friends confront Job

D. Elihu confronts Job and Job does not respond

E. God addresses Job and Job responds

II. Central Problem of the Book of Job

A. It does not address the problem of why the righteous suffer

1. Some reasons why there is evil and suffering in the world

2. The prologue of the book does not explain the problem of suffering

B. For Job's friends, the answer to the problem of evil is the doctrine of retribution

C. Satan’s challenge is that people only serve God out of self-interest

III. Essentials for a valid interpretation of Job

A. Job is declared to be righteous

B. Satan's challenge to God is not the solution

C. The three friends voice orthodoxy but in this debate they are wrong

D. To understand the arguments, you must look for veiled connections within the book of Job

E. The reader must be prepared to face hard facts

IV. Three Levels of Wisdom

A. Level one: academic knowledge or artisan skill

B. Level two: knowing how to deal with life

C. Level three: God's secret ways

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