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Acts Chapters 23 - 26

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Paul is put on trial in front of the Jewish council. The Romans protect Paul from an assassination plot send him to Caesarea for trial in front of Felix the Roman governer. Paul was held in prison for two years, and was tried before Felix, Festus and Agrippa. Agrippa was sympathetic to Paul but sent him to Rome to continue his trial because Paul had appealed to Caesar.  


A. Paul before the Sanhedrin

1. Paul Calls the Priest a White Washed Wall

2. Paul Declares that He is a Son of a Pharisee

3. Assassins Want to Kill Paul

4. Paul is Rushed Off to Felix in Caesarea

B. Paul before Governor Felix

1. Paul Makes His Defense

2. Felix Keeps Paul in Custody

C. Paul before Festus and Agrippa

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