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Acts Chapters 12 and 13

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Acts chapter 12 is the last focus on Peter and Jerusalem church in Acts. Herod had James killed to please the Jews and then arrested Peter. God miraculously rescued Peter from prison as believers were praying for him. Herod died suddenly. Barnabas and Paul returned from Jerusalem to Antioch and brought John Mark with them. Paul and Barnabas leave on their first missionary journey. They took John Mark with them, but John Mark left them after a short time. 


1. Chapter 12

a. The Herodians

b. James and Peter

c. John Mark’s House

d. Faith Through God’s Grace

e. Agrippa I is struck down in Caesarea

f. Missionaries are Sent Out from Antioch

2. Chapter 13

a. Barnabas, Simeon, Lucius Manaen and Saul

b. Barnabas and Saul are sat apart by the Holy Spirit

c. Traveling to Cyprus

d. Sergius Paulus

e. From Saul to Paul

f. Elymas Bar-Jesus and Other Magical Works

g. Pisidia Antioch

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