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Lecture 19: 2 Timothy 4:3–22

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Paul concludes his discussion of the role of Scripture in Timothy's life, reminding Timothy of Paul's own life of faithfulness. Paul makes some personal remarks about a few people, and references his final trial. He knows he will die, but death is merely a loosening.

Pastorals 4_5


2 Timothy 3:10–4:8

Paul's example (3:10–13)

In the midst of suffering, preach the word! (3:14 — 4:8)

Why do we believe?

All Scripture is God-breathed (vv 16-17)

Warning: there will inevitably be conflict when the word is preached (4:3–4)

How is Timothy to repsond? (4:5 )

The crown of righteousness (4:6-8)

“Poured out like a drink offering”

Paul’s life is a “living sacrifice” to God.

V 7

1. “I have fought the good fight”

2. “I have finished the race”

3. “I have kept the faith”

4:8a — Paul’s reward

V 8b — Paul’s application to Timothy


May our lives be offerings poured out to God

May death be merely a loosening as we sail into real life with God

2 Timothy 4:9–22






Historical setting (4:16-18)

“First defense”


“Bring safely”

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18 min 45 sec

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