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2 Timothy 1:1–11

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Paul begins his letter to his best friend by encouraging him to continue in ministry. If ever there were a model for how you encourage someone, especially someone who looks up to you, this is the chapter. The best thing you can do is find how many ways Paul encourages Timothy, and then see how to apply those points in your own life and ministry.


2 Tim 1:1-14



1:3-4 — I serve God “as my forefathers did”

#1 — Timothy is not alone

1:5 — How does Timothy’s spiritual heritage encourage him?

#2. Acts of remembering often encourages

#3. Spiritual heritage

1:6 — Gifted

#4. God hasn’t called Timothy to a task, without equipping him to do so.

1:7 — Spirit of power

#5. Empowered by the powerful Holy Spirit

1:8 — Not be ashamed

#6. Challenge

1:9-11A — This is the message worth being proud of

#7. The gospel is worth suffering for

Connection of justification and sanctification

1:12 — Paul now specifies why he is not ashamed

1:13-14 — Protect the gospel

2 Timothy 1:15–18

Friends who were failures (V 15)

One friend who was victorious

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