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Lecture 7: 1 Timothy 2:14–15

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After dealing with some questions, the class resumes by finishing the last two verses in chapter 2.

Pastorals 2_3



2:11 — “Let a woman learn quietly, with all submissiveness

2:12 restates v 11 with an eye to practical application

Reason #1: “For Adam was formed first, then Eve”

Consequence of Adam's failure (2:14)

1. Traditionally saying something about women in general

2. Illustrates the consequences

V 15 is not as weird as it sounds

Paul wants to move theologically from the past and the singular Eve, to his pre-sent and the plural Ephesian women, and from deception to salvation.

Eve became a sinner but she and the Ephesian women can be saved, and that salvation will work itself out, not by changing God’s assigned roles but by doing what God has called and gifted her to do — among other things this includes bearing of children as well as continuing in faith, love, and holiness.


1. God created us to be different

2. Worth is not determined by role

3. There is so much work to be done in the church

4. Most men also have restricted authority in the church

5. Affirm women’s role in the church throughout history

6. Men — get off the stick

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