Yoruba, Maguzawa, Key Observations

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Folk Islam is a popular expression of Islam which has synthesized indigenous beliefs and customs into the religion. Two expressions of this in Nigeria are the Yoruba and Maguzawa.


Folk Islam: Case Study in Nigerian Islam

Part 2

II. Islam in Nigeria (part 2)

A. Introduction

B. Historical Summary/ Theological Analysis (part 2)

1. Hausa

2. Tiv


3. Yoruba

a. Use of the term “Allah”

b. Islamic view of “umma”

c. Divination

d. Sorcery

4. Maguzawa


III. Key Observations/Points for Discussion and Reflection

A. Spectrum of Islamic faith and practice: religious theory vs. practice.

B. Neglected role of recipients, over-emphasis on religious transmitters.

C. Inevitability of Islamization vs. resilience of indigenous belief systems.

1. Robin Horton’s “Intellectualist Theory”

2. Humphrey Fisher’s “Juggernaut Theory”


Map of Africa


42 min