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Lecture 1: Worldviews

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Dr. Nash covers the objectives to the lectures, reading material, and discusses the five major beliefs that make up a worldview




I. Objectives of the Course

A. Show how philosophy will illuminate life’s problems.

B. Help students think more clearly about philosophy

C. Introduce students to various philosophical tools

D. Set forward examples of conceptual analysis

E. Show importance of worldview thinking


II. Supplemental Reading

A. Life’s Ultimate Questions, Ronald Nash (Zondervan)

B. The Word of God and the Mind of Man, Ronald Nash (Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company)

C. The Gospel and the Greeks, Ronald Nash


III. The Nature of Worldview Thinking

A. Example of Mickey Cohen

B. Why worldview thinking is important

C. What is a worldview


IV. Five major beliefs that define a worldview

A. God

B. Ultimate reality (metaphysics)

C. Knowledge (epistemology)

D. Ethics

E. Human nature


V. Worldviews in conflict

A. Tension within the Christian worldview

B. The clash of worldviews

C. Role of religion in worldviews

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