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God created humans in his image so we have both a physical and spiritual nature. Sometimes biologists make statements about evolution that are outside of what can be examined and verified by science. According to young earth creationism, creation took place in 6, 24 hour days and the earth is about 6,000 years old. According to theistic evolution, once the process of evolution began, no special supernatural intervention was required for it to continue. The opposite of a naturalistic explanation for life is not supernatural, but intelligent causes. Intelligent design makes information theory and mathematical probability integral to its overall approach. Irreducible complexity argues against gradualism in the evolutionary process. 



A. Divine Freedom

B. God is the creator of human beings

C. God creates through the Word

D. Creation is good

E. God creates ex nihilo

F. Creation and general revelation

G. Creation is both physical and spiritual


A. Definition of evolution

B. Young earth creationism

C. Theistic evolution

D. Intelligent design

1. Irreducible complexity

2. Metaphysical naturalism


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