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Dr. Ware discusses the past (Atoning Savior), present (Mediator and Lord) and future (Coming Judge and Reigning King) work of Christ.


I. Past Work: Christ, the Atoning Savior

A. Aspects of the Atonement

1. Sacrifice

a. The Necessity of Sacrifice

b. Animal Sacrifices

2. Substitution

a. Old Testament Testimony

b. New Testament Testimony

3. Redemption

a. The Centrality of Redemption

b. Key Passages

c. The “Ransom” Metaphor

4. Propitiation

a. Understanding Propitiation

b. God’s Wrath against Sin

5. Expiation

a. Understanding Expiation

b. Why did it have to be Jesus?

6. Reconciliation

a. Three aspects of reconciliation

b. Key New Testament Passages

B. The Atonement and the Resurrection

1. The Resurrection declares that the penalty has been paid in full.

2. The Resurrection defeats the power of sin.

II. Present work: Christ as Mediator and Lord

A. Mediator

B. Lord

III. Future Work: Christ as Coming Judge and Reigning King

A. Coming Judge

B. Reigning King

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