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Will Power of the Prophets

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The instruction of the prophets falls along two lines: the rewards for doing right (fulfilling foundational things) in God’s eyes and the necessary corrections when “wrong” becomes part of the picture. Within that paradigm we’ll find mixtures of judgment and promise, encouragement and warning, present and future. The prophets, an interesting lot often called on to not just speak but to live out their prophesies, consistently call the people of Israel to craft their present-day realities in light of the foundational aspects of Scripture and the future hope of promise. If you think of the poetical books as revealing the heart of the people in their history, then it would be equally helpful to think of the prophetical books as revealing the heart of God in that history.


Will Power of the Prophets

I. Exile prophets

A. Ezekiel and Daniel

B. Theme is "endurance"

II. Post-exile Prophets

A. Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi

B. When you follow God, there will be opposition

III. Pre-exile prophets

A. Warnings to Israel

B. Warnings to Edom

C. Warnings to Assyria

D. Warnings to Judah

IV. Themes of the Prophets

V. Remember

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