Free Online Bible Classes | Why We Sin When We Know So Much (pt 2)

Why We Sin When We Know So Much (pt 2)

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When we sin, it's often the result of sin in our heart that has deep relational and historical roots. God wants us to pursue Him so he can transform us from the inside.


D. Things to know about a biblical understanding of the hidden heart (cont)

3. Thus, most Christians do not intend to sin; rather, they just leak.

4. This "leaking" is all about warring beliefs and desires in the heart

5. Thus, most sins are not intentions of the moment but are merely the tip of the habitual iceberg.

6. Thus, beware of "prayers of magic" or avoidance to have God take away sins.

7. Becoming a Christian can even exacerbate this problem of not knowing your heart.

8. No amount of surface correcting or behavioral change will transform the heart.

9. Self-awareness is a necessary ingredient but by itself will not transform the heart.

10. The process of transformation requires a power strong enough to penetrate into your heart to resolve whatever need at the core is driving you.

E. How does God open the heart and begin the process of change-transformation?

1. Opening the heart in honesty to the Word of God in prayer.

2. Trials and "thorns in the flesh" (2 Cor 2:7-10)

3. Opening to God's sovereign work of transformation in all circumstances.

4. Fellow believers

5. Prayer and soul work

F. God delights not in sacrifice, but a broken and contrite heart.

G. Questions and answers

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