Free Online Bible Classes | Why We Sin When We Know So Much (pt 1)

Why We Sin When We Know So Much (pt 1)

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What is in our heart determines how we act. There is more going on in our heart than what shows on the surface. In our hidden heart, we often have negative beliefs and desires that affect our actions.


A. Introduction

1. Ephesians 4:22

2. Start notes

3. The Problem

B. The Christian faith is foremost about the heart

1. "Heart" is used for the real or core person.

2. The heart directs our life. What is in the heart determines our whole of life.

3. Principles

C. Why is the heart so impregnable and slow to change?

D. Things to know about a biblical understanding of the hidden heart

1. There is always more going on in the hidden heart than what is on the surface.

2. The degree to which we have a hidden heart of negative beliefs and desires that have not been dealt with is the degree to which we are

not in control of that material and it can control us.

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