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Lecture 7: What to Say as a Worship Leader

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Use words purposefully (Prov 12:18, 10:19). The worship leader is often the second most influential person in the church so your words carry weight. Prepare your introduction. Invite people in by telling them what is about to happen and by telling them, who you are, what you are about to do and why you are doing it. 

Worship 8


I. What to Say When Leading Worship

A. Your role is not to lead music, it's to lead people by using music.

B. Use the same voice you use to talk to your friends: using a different voice undercuts your believability.

C. Speak intentionally.

D. Speak enthusiastically: be faithful to represent God well.

E. Speak accurately: the worship leader is often the second most influential person in the church.

F. Speak complementarily to people: compliments encourage, sarcasm is often misunderstood.

G. Speak slowly: the meaning of your words is enhanced by a slower pace.

H. See yourself as a communicator on all levels.

II. Ideas from Todd Fields

A. Prepare your introduction.

B. Identify a moment: pray about a specific thought or lyric that you can point out to people.

C. Be clear and be connected: the more you scramble, the more you ramble.

D. "I, You, God" (19:18)

E. Make a list of the ways God has been faithful to you. A good example is Romans 8:38-39.

F. Read the Bible.

III. Work on Your Speaking Skills

A. Develop your speaking skills like a craft: it takes practice over time.

B. Trust God and relax.

IV. Song: Ashes to the Sky

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