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Why Is This Important?


The face of education is changing. In large measure, current forms have failed, and people called and gifted for the ministry are crying out for new forms that include both theological and ministry preparation, that allow them to stay in community and not go severely in debt. They are longing for the mentor/apprenticeship model that supplied the church for centuries. They want the data, but they also want to know significance, relevance, and meaning. They want knowledge, but more than knowledge they want wisdom.

BiblicalTraining.org exists for this very purpose, to help prepare people holistically in a relational context. With your help, we can meet these goals.

Here are some of our favorite testimonials


I am from Pakistan. I am a Non Christian lady. I got very closed to the Biblical ideologies and I am really touched by this material I found in the internet and some manuals that went through my hands. I wish to get more inspiration through such teachings, I wish to be converted, but as a Muslim lady it’s very tough for me. I need some protection and your prayers. I need a little help and guidance to continue to serve the Lord. With lots of blessings. —Nosheet


Your website is a God-send. I have been wanting for a long time to learn the Bible beyond just an elementary stage. Your website is providing me with the training I need until I can complete a formal education. In the past, I had been hindered because of finances, but now, God has made a way to study where finances are not an issue through your ministry. —Timothy

I really enjoy being able to get the same class material that a seminarian would receive. I'm learning so much, my faith is deepening, and my mind is being renewed. —Brock

Spectacular overview! Truly touching to hear that the Bible contains an ONGOING story of God's creation. "God is always renewing things"... very touching. Dr. Douglas, thank you so much for this recording! God bless. —Jubiracy (a Brazilian brother)

I have been listening to your 52 Major Stories class and want to thank you for putting this resource on the web. I am a young pastor who has been through some very difficult ministry situations in the last 4-5 years. I have been dry and weary for a long, long time. Your lectures have been like water in a desert and have watered my parched soul. For the first time in what seems like an eternity I wept as I marvelled at the greatness of God and his love towards me. Thank you, brother. —Carlton

New pastors being trained in their home churches

Thank you very much for your work with making these important lectures available for everyone! I use it a lot because I do distant study from my college in Norway while working with a church plant in Sweden. I can not only get to hear the lectures from my school, but here at "biblicaltraining" I get to also learn by listening to lectures. —Kasper

Ongoing education in the church

Just a note to say how fantastic your site is in equipping the saints. I have taken the course on hermeneutics and thoroughly enjoyed it. I not only used the material in my Adult Sunday School, but also have shared this site with all 30 in my class. May God bless and shower you with the finances needed to keep your ministry functioning. —Jim

Lay education

It is my desire to educate myself for the edification of the Body and the equipping of the Saints. I do not want or need a degreed course or accredited classes. I just want to be able to serve my Lord more effectively. This looks like what I have been searching for. May God Bless you to the extent you bless others. —Bill

Leadership development

I just wanted to say I found your sight today and it is exactly what I've been looking for. I'm in my 30s, married with two kids. I don't have a bachelors degree but I want to really grow in my knowledge and application of the scriptures. I'd love to be able to go to seminary but at this stage in life I don't have the time. I want to lead better in my church. So thank you in advance for making this resource available. —Dave

I am engaging two dozen leaders-in-training, using your coursework for years two and three of their training. Several of those people might want to have certification. I hope to get them used to using this resource long-term, beyond the training period. —Lane

Overseas English speaking church

Today we decided to put a direct link on the front page of our church website to biblicaltraining.org. We intend to use your excellent material for training our (future) leaders, helping them to develop a sound, biblical theological perspective. Our church is an international English language church close to Amsterdam. We also recognize your heart for the poor and feel we are of a kindred spirit as far as ministry is concerned. Thank you so much for stepping out in faith and making these wonderful resources available to the Body of Christ. —Peter (Netherlands)

I am from a small family church in Singapore. We are hoping to use these material to train and grow those with teaching responsibilities in our congregation and it is especially useful that they are able to do so through the internet. Thank you for your time and all your efforts! —Daniel

Overseas non-English speaking churches

I live in Yangon, Myanmar. I have recently started new life Evangelical Church Planting, and I had started the new life vocational training Center of evangelism two years ago and it was going well. So I wanted the girls to take the Biblical Training Course and hopefully many other boys and girls may join us. —Mang

Thank you for sending your announcements that are very important for me and my ministry to use. I hope and do pray that many will be blessed from this side from what you have sent me. I like very much this kind of teaching, Spiritual Formation especially for me and for my church people.
I do pray for your ministry that God may bless you. Yours in prayer always. —Pastor Indra (Nepal)

Training Missionaries

Hi! I have just found out about your Website and I am absolutely thrilled! I am 26 years old and I plan on becoming a missionary with Wycliffe Bible Translators in just a few years. To that end I need to get solid, effective training, both on the spiritual and the academical levels - Biblicaltraining.com is now my best friend! Thank you! —Geneviève

Partnering with other ministries

I lead a church plant in the inner-city of Colorado Springs. I find two huge problems. One is money and the other is time to prepare while I wear so many hats. Your ministry has helped with both issues.  Because I can take courses from you for free the money issue is not an issue. Secondly, because I go so hard it is such a blessing to be able to listen the lessons from your ministry and apply them to my own teaching. Thank you. Please know that lives are being changes here in the city and it is made easier and more productive because of your ministry.—Doug

Biblical Training

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