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Who Do We Serve?

General Profile

Based on a poll of our users in 2010, here is the general profile of the BiblicalTraining user.

Gender Male: 86%
Age 25-44 52%
45-54 19%
Married 80%
Education Graduate School graduate: 27%
College graduate 23%
Location Training at church: 27%
Seminary: 27%
Purpose Bible knowledge 22%
Seminary training: 19%
Denomination Baptist: 42%
Independent 18%
Pastoral staff 33%
Takes classes from
beginning to end

Geographical distribution

We have user accounts from every country in the world. Here is the major distribution for 2013 (not including mobile apps).

Map of global participation in BiblicalTraining.org for 2012

Country Visits
United States 593,186
United Kingdom 39,871
Canada 30,810
Australia 20,724
Philippines 20,593
Unknown 19,888
India 16,615
South Africa 9,995
Singapore 6,695
Indonesia 5,539


  • Foundations is for all Christians leading them to biblical literacy.
  • Academy is for more mature Christians leading them to biblical maturity.
  • Leadership is for those preparing for lay leadership.
  • Institute is a seminary-level program used by future pastors and missionaries who do not want, or are not able, to go to seminary.
Biblical Training

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