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Goal 9: Home

We need a building where we can build out our infrastructure and be able to work together, build video studios, have a place for our cohorts to meet, and provide a base of operations so networks of churches, para-church ministries, etc., will understand we are a major player in the future of education. 

  1. We want to redo our core curriculum in video (Goals #7 and 11). It is substantially less expensive to do so in our own studios, and virtually impossible to do in a classroom.
  2. We want to create a destination learning environment where we can build a network with surrounding churches and schools and from which we can draw students. 
  3. We will be able to share the video studios with other evangelical ministries that have video needs.
  4. As the ministry grows, staff will more and more need to be working together. Virtual works well for small organizations, but not for growing and larger ones.
  5. A facility creates in people's minds the idea of quality and success and stability. We don't want to be known as "just" a website but as the best discipleship program in the world at every level.
  6. A facility will give us a local presence, enabling us to serve the local church more efficiently and to build relationships with local churches that will give us "boots on the ground" in terms of feedback.
  7. The best form of education involves face-to-face times, and a home will gives us a place to regularly meet with students in our Diploma programs.
  8. We need a network, which I am calling ChurchBasedEducation.com, where people can come together to find out how to raise up their next generation of leaders, find out what works and what doesn't work. BiblicalTraining can be at the center of this movement.
  9. The genesis of BiblicalTraining.org was to create a lay leadership training program, how to identify, prepare, and nurture lay leaders in a church. Even if a church wants to pursue this option, it will take training on how to use our curriculum. We need a place for what could become quarterly conferences.
  10. The building can be a multisite project, which in turn can generate income for running the minsitry.
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