Where Will We Be? | BiblicalTraining.org

Where Will We Be?

What will we be able to do?

  1. Provide a turnkey solution for each of the major programs of study
  2. Have the marketing strength so that most churches know about BiblicalTraining
  3. Provide mentoring services for the Institute program
  4. Seminary-level program that can award academic credit through our partners​

What it will take to get there?


Goal: have a full contingent of staff so that each person can focus on his specific responsibilities

  1. President
  2. CEO
  3. Development Director
  4. Marketer
  5. Website director
  6. Content creation
  7. Administrative assistant

Contract for audio and video engineers, and marketing


Goal: complete all core curriculum for four main programs

  1. Completed the core curriculum for each of the three programs of study
  2. Video record the Foundations and Academy classes
  3. Complete half of the remaining Institute electives

Educational issues

  1. Scope and sequence set for all core classes -- set of core questions (content and theology) aligned with the programs
  2. Pedagogy methods established
  3. Mentoring philosophy established

Business issues

  1. Have a proven plan for sustainability
  2. Begin looking for Bill's replacement
  3. Established firm relationships with five key networks
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