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Funding Sources

Funding Sources

BiblicalTraining relies on the generosity of its users; we have no other regular funding. We are a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization and as such gifts are tax deductible under current laws of the US federal government.

About 1.5% of our users give, and the vast majority give a one-time gift of approximately $10.

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Funding Sources

Detailed Expenses

Monthly costs: $14,976.

Office (including printing, shipping, phone, supplies): $183
Advertising: $83
Travel: $167
Hardware and software: $417
Payment processing: $292
Recording: $833
Internet (access, hosting, registration): $667
Website design and programming: $1,250
Contracted work (accounting, legal, transcriptions, etc.): $467
Personnel (one full-time, two half-time): $10,224
Missions Projects: $293
Miscellaneous: $100

The cost to create an audio class for BTI: $3,000

Our goal is to tape teachers in a live class setting. In normal situations, this means that we cover the cost of recording and the professor donates the lectures. The cost of the actual recording averages $500 per class (shipping the recording equipment, buying supplies, paying a student to oversee the taping, etc.).

The lectures need to be edited and outlines created for each lecture. This takes roughly four times as long as the actual lecture. For example, a 30 hour lecture series takes 120 hours of editing and writing time, which amounts to approximately $2,500.

While we have found teachers to be more than willing to give us lectures, some schools have a policy that prohibits recorded classes to be used elsewhere. In these situations, and when we want a specific course created for BiblicalTraining, we pay the teacher the equivalent of a summer school class for taping the lectures. This averages an additional $3,000 per class.

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