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Executive Summary


BiblicalTraining.or was founded in 2000 as a not-for-profit, Christian ministry. It produces high quality evangelical, biblical and theologial classes and then gives all people access to the materials for freee, equipping them to be biblically trained and fully devoted followers of Jesus.


We offer over 2,100 hours of instruction in over 130 classes and seminars, and are moving into Hindi, Swahili, Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese. Content is delivered through the internet, Apple and Android, apps, and micro-SD cards. We are not seeking accreditation.


We have four fulltime contract workers (Bill Mounce, Ed Taylor, Rebekah Smith-Leub) and contract for other services as needed (e.g., programming). We are a virtual ministry with offices at 523 NE Everett St, Camas WA, 98607.

Board of Directors

Charles Campbell, President, Williams Steel
Mike Richards, Partner in Bethesda Capital, LLC
Tim Graham, Retired, Former Senior Director of Engineering, Google
Bill Mounce, PhD., Founder, President and CEO, Biblical Training
Steve Sammons, VP for Marketing and Communications, Corban University
Timothy Tennent, PhD. President, Asbury Theological Seminary
Brian Van Kley, President, Adair Homeownership Alliance of Companies


  • World class. Our professors are among the best academics in the world, and know how to teach.
  • Holistic. We want to see students move through content to deep reflection and application.
  • Configurable. Ministries can use BT lectures as well as their own to design their educational program.
  • Accessible. BiblicalTraining is a web-based ministry whose content is free.
  • Community-based. We encourage people to learn together, in mentor/apprentice relationships.
  • Broadly evangelical. Our materials are broadly evangelical, governed by our Statement of Faith.
  • Partners. We provide the content and delivery mechanisms, and our partners provide the community and mentoring. When there are no partners, we hope to provide a virtual community and real-life mentors.

SWOT Analysis


  • High-quality, unique content
  • Mature delivery platforms
  • Adaptable technology for community learning
  • Marketing


  • Development
  • Non- sustainable business plan
  • Lack infrastructure and facilities for growth


  • Strong SEO visibility
  • Partners (US and international)
  • Free Google AdWords (long-tail search)
  • Increasing board involvement
  • Minimal direct competition


  • Institutional loyalty
  • Mindset of churches/ministries not using other ministry’s work


  • Discipleship for the laity (“Foundations” and Academy")
  • Leadership development (“Leadership”)
  • Seminary-level training of pastors and missionaries (“Institute”)

This means we will reach out to those who do not have educational affiliations, denominations that do not have a lay educational system, para-church organizations, and denominations and seminaries that are not prepared for non-credentialed students.


Our revenue comes from donations, major donors, grants), and revenue generating certificates. Our primary growth agents are our strategic partners and increased SEO traffic.

Highlights of our Five Year Goals

  • Board development
  • Marketing and Development
  • Complete all aspects of the current three study programs
  • Sustainable business plan

Financial Snapshot

Maintenance budget: $240,000
Growth budget: $480,000
Income (fiscal 2016): $480,000
Expense (fiscal 2016): $440,000

Biblical Training

The BiblicalTraining app gives you access to 2,300 hours of instruction (129 classes and seminars). Stream the classes, or download and listen to them offline. Share classes via social media, email, and more.