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Triumphal Entry & Cleansing of the Temple

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The events surrounding Jesus' "triumphal entry" into Jerusalem were the beginning of the week leading up to his crucifixion and resurrection. When Jesus cleansed the temple in Jerusalem, he was rejecting the sacrificial system, reforming temple worship and performing an act of judgment.


The Life of Jesus

Part 6

I.  Triumphal Entry

A.  Geography

B.  Riding a Colt

1.  Intentional?

2.  Prearranged?

C.  Crowd's Reaction

D.  What happened at the Triumphal Entry?

1.  Church created account?

2.  Jesus offered himself as Messiah and King?

3.  Natural pilgrim welcome to visitors interpreted messianically?

4.  Enthusiastic pilgrim welcome given to the famous prophet?

5.  Jesus intentionally planned the event

E.  Nature of the event unclear to disciples


II.  The Cleansing of the Temple

A.  Time in Jesus' Ministry

B.  Temple Tax

C.  Selling Sacrificial Animals

1.  Priests' perspective

2.  Jesus' perspective

D.  Lack of Roman Interference

E.  Possible Meaning of the Event

1.  Jesus rejected the sacrificial system.

2.  Cleansing/Reformation of Temple worship

3.  An act of judgment

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