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Dr. Ware discusses the biblical basis for monotheism and trinitarianism. He also gives a brief overview of the history of the doctrine and the heresies that arose concerning the Trinity.


I. Scriptural Monotheism

A. Old Testament Perspectives on God’s Oneness

B. New Testament Perspectives on God’s Oneness

II. Scriptural Trinitarianism

A. Scriptural Affirmations of the Triune God

1. Passages that suggest more than God’s oneness

2. Passages that support the deity of Jesus and the Holy Spirit

3. Triadic passages

B. A Brief History of the Doctrine of the Trinity

1. The Christological Background

2. Monarchian Heresies

a. Subordinationism (Dynamistic Monarchianism)

b. Modalism (Modalistic Monarchianism)

3. The Church’s Rejection of Monarchianism

a. The Church’s Rejection of Modalism

b. Athanasius’ Opposition to Arianism

c. The Council of Nicea (A.D. 325)

d. The Council of Constantinople (A.D. 451)

4. Augustine on the Trinity

C. The Immanent and Economic Trinities

1. The Immanent Trinity

a. The Issue

b. The Begetting of the Son & Procession of the Spirit

c. Social Relationships in the Trinity

The Economic Trinity

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