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Twelve Marks of a Healthy Board, Team Taught

In Twelve Marks of a Healthy Board, Bert Downs, John Johnson, and David Jones discuss characteristics that are essential in choosing board members and structuring how they interact together. They also describe how the board should minister to the staff and congregation and prayerfully lead by articulating a vision. 


Lecture 1:
Roles, Responsibilities, and Focus

Healthy boards understand the roles and responsibilities of a board and of their individual service on the board. They are also mission focused.

Lecture 2:
Selecting, Evaluating, and Supplying Resources

Healthy boards are intentional in selection process of board members and have a board manual in place. They avoid spiritual dysfunction, monitor and evaluate results, and ensure adequate resources to accomplish the mission.

Lecture 3:
Collaboration, Accountability, Discipline, and Families

Healthy boards use their meeting times efficiently to focus on priorities, and are able to objectively assess their own performance. They care enough about other churches and ministries to collaborate. They also take responsibility for overseeing the well-being of their staff and families.

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