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Life is a Journey, by Dr. Bill Mounce

Course: Life is a Journey

Our 12-week curriculum, "Life is a Journey," points new believers in the right direction and encourages mature believers to mentor them. In a typical week, the new believer interacts with a biblical text and is encouraged to begin journaling, praying and memorizing biblical passages. Then the new believer and mentor listen to a thirty minute talk with study notes provided, work through the application questions together and then have two more days reflecting over what they have learned.

About this Class

When we became a follower of Jesus, we started on the spiritual journey of our life. We went through the gate of conversion and started up the path of discipleship. As we travel the path, we will start to change, not because we have to but because we want to. We wouldn’t always make the right decisions; we will stumble, but Jesus and your fellow travelers are there to help you get back on your feet. The further you travel, the more you will learn about God,  how to listen to him and how to talk with him. You will learn more deeply who God is, who Jesus is and what he did, and who the Holy Spirit is and what he does for us. And you will learn about walking with other believers (the “church”) and inviting others to join you (“evangelism”). Because life is a journey, God does not expect you to get everything right the first time; we are all on a learning curve and God is patient with us. However, we were never intended to walk alone. We were saved into a new family, with new brothers and sisters, and a new Father.. In this study you are encouraged to find an older traveler and invite them to walk with you.

Be sure to download the chart (to the right) that aligns questions from the New City Catechism with Life is a Journey. This way, when you have completed each lesson, you can know which catechism questions you will understand.

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