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Lesson 1 - Introduction to the Statement of Faith

Well, hi, I’m Bill Mounce, the preaching Pastor at Shiloh Fellowship and we are taking this opportunity to share with you our Statement of Faith and to try to explain it in a little more detail.

It is really, important to us that if you are thinking about coming to Shiloh or if you are just trying to find out what we believe that you really have an accurate understanding of our faith and our statement and how that works out in real life. So, I want to take this opportunity to work through this statement of faith slowly and to explain.

I will tell you that most of the Statement of Faith is not controversial. It’s just straight, good old evangelical, reform theology. There are a couple of places were it might be a little controversial, and I will tell you where that is when I get to those places.

It would be best, as we do this, that you have a copy of the annotated statement of faith. It’s got [has] the statement of faith and a lot of verses, and it’s easier to follow what I’m going to say if you have that document in front of you. If you are watching this on the web, you can always download the annotated statement of faith from the web site as well.

Let me say something about the length of the Statement of Faith. Some people have really short statements of faith and some churches have very long statement of faith. I wanted a statement of faith that could be an instructional tool. In other words, I wanted a statement of faith with enough detail so that if you read it and you understood it, you would have a good basic understanding of what scripture teaches; a good basic understanding of how we understand the Bible; and in line with Titus 1:9, I wanted you to be able to know the truth and refute error. It’s a requirement for elders in Titus 1.

And so, I wrote a statement of faith that was long enough to be able to do precisely that.

So if you are wondering about why I talk this long or this little, that was my controlling factor.

What I’d like to do is just read through the statement of faith, one article at a time. As I’ll be talking, I’ll be explaining some of the words. And if there is anything that’s of real significance or controversy, I’ll come back to it after I’m done reading through the entire Statement of Faith.

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