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Essentials of World Missions, by Dr. Timothy Tennent

Biblical and Theological

Lecture 1:
God's Missionary Heart

Dr. Tennent begins this summary course on World Missions with a definition of the terms “mission” and “missions,” and gives us an understanding of the mission of God, that missions begins with God and his missionary heart.

Lecture 2:
The Great Commission

We now walk through the Great Commission in each of the Four Gospels, highlighting their unifying themes and the distinct message that each Gospel writer highlights.

Lecture 3:
Theological Questions

Dr. Tennent address several objections that people have to the uniqueness of Christ and the exclusive nature of the Gospel message. He also defines for us what actually qualifies as "missions."


Lecture 4:
History of the Church's Expansion into the World

In this second part of the course, Dr. Tennent explores the history of the church’s expansion into the world. He focuses primarily on the modern period and looks at what makes the modern missionary period unfold in the way that it does.


Lecture 5:
Full Circle of Missions Strategy

We begin the practical section of the course with a look at the full circle of missions stategy, which is based in several passages of Scripture. Dr. Tennent uses Acts 11 as an example of this four-step process.

Lecture 6:
Modern Missiological Techniques

At this point in the lessons Dr. Tennent turns to examining some modern missiological techniques, the kinds of things that churches are using and understanding to be better equipped to serve missionaries. He also lists five different categories of missionaries.

Lecture 7:
Six Tasks for the Local Church

In this lesson, Dr. Tennent recommends six tasks that every local church should consider in order to be more effective in their overseas missions work.

Lecture 8:
Trends in Missions Today

Dr. Tennent explores several trends, both positive and negative, in modern-day missions, along with a quick look at the importance of understanding world religions.

Lecture 9:
Top Ten Myths about Missions

Dr. Tennent dispels the top ten myths about missions, so that we can be better equipped to think appropriately about the great missionary cause.

Lecture 10:
Top Ten Things Churches Should Know

Finally, we conclude the practical section and the course with a discussion of the top ten things the church should know about missions.

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