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Essentials of Christian Education, by Dr. Gary Parrett

About this Class

How do you communicate the gospel within the setting of a church? Who are you teaching? What are you teaching? Why? These questions and more are answered in a way that will help you train up people in your local congregation, and especially train up the next generation.

These lectures are a summary of the full course, Educational Ministry of the Church. It is an introductory level course to the ministry of education within the church. These lectures were recorded by Biblical Training during the summer of 2003.


Class Transcriptions

Lecture 1:

Renewed Direction for Christian Education

Lecture 2:

Misconceptions of Christian Education

Lecture 3:

Overview of the Seven Questions

Lecture 4:

CONCEPT: WHY engage in CE?

Lecture 5:

CONTENT: WHAT must we teach?

Lecture 6:

CONTINUITY: WHEN do we teach what?

Lecture 7:

CONGRUENCE: WHOM do we teach?

Lecture 8:
How? & Where?

CONFLUENCE: HOW do we teach? & CONTEXTS: WHERE do we teach?

Lecture 9:

CONTACT: WHO does the work of CE?

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