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Church History II, by Dr. Gerald Bray

A Background of the Reformation

Lecture 1:
Background of the Reformation (part 1)

A view of the Mediterranean church to the expansion of the Roman Empire will be studied. Also, the evangelistic attempts of the Roman Empire, its challenges and what it meant for the reformation will be covered.

Lecture 2:
Background of the Reformation (part 2)

The World of the First Christians]]. The various events that occurred before the Reformation. The main events covered are: The restructuring of the papacy, the Muslim invasion, the launching of the crusades, and the life of John Wycliffe and his challenge of the church’s authority.

Lecture 3:
The 15th Century and Martin Luther (part 1)

This lesson covers the Renaissance period, also the worldwide expansion, and will cover the beginning of the Reformation with the life and beliefs of Martin Luther.

Lecture 4:
The Reformation and Theology of Martin Luther

Part 2 of the life of Luther and a detailed view of the kind of beliefs that started the Reformation, mainly salvation by faith opposed to salvation by works taught by the Roman church.

Lecture 5:
The Sacraments and Baptism

Covers the theological differences between what Luther and the Protestant reformers, and the Roman Church believed with respect to baptism and other sacraments.

Lecture 6:
The Spreading of the Reformation

This course covers the challenges of the Reformation while spreading to France. John Calvin and others who had a significant role in the spreading of the Reformation are emphasized.

Lecture 7:
Church and State

This course covers the influence of the church and their separation from secular activities; the attempt to run the cities involving church power and political power. Calvin’s influence in Geneva is covered and his attempt to influence France.

English Reformation

Lecture 8:
The English Reformation

The English reformation will be studied in terms of its background, structure and the beginning of the expansion of the kingdom by Henry VII.

Lecture 9:
King Henry the VIII (part 1)

This is the first part of the life and influence of King Henry the VIII with respect to the Reformation, including a background of the political system and the personal motives of the king for reforming the political structure. A short view of the life and influence of William Tyndale will be covered. 

Lecture 10:
King Henry the VIII (part 2)

Henry the VIII and his influence on the English Reformation.

Lecture 11:
English Reformation - Henry VIII to Edward VI

Lecture 12:
Catholicism and British Protestantism in the 16th Century

Lecture 13:
Reformation in Europe and Britain in the 16th Century

Lecture 14:
Reformation in the Lowlands

Lecture 15:
Reformation in Great Britain under Elizabeth

Lecture 16:
Protestant Church in England under Elizabeth

Lecture 17:
 Protestant Church in England under James

Lecture 18:
Protestant Church in England under Cromwell

Lecture 19:
Protestant Church in England in the Late 17th Century

Lecture 20:
Age of "Reason"

Lecture 21:
Overview: ca. 1500 – 2000

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