Top Ten Things You Should Know about Missions in the 21st Century

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The mindset of 19th century Europeans included the belief that the government and society of their country was superior to other countries. This was a predominant attitude in these societies, not just in the missionaries. The predominant secular attitude today is that all cultures are equal and no aspect should be criticized. There is a distinction between preaching the gospel to a culture with a viable church and and one without a viable church. Community is  foundational for evangelism and missions.

The material in this lecture is based on the article, "Top Ten Things You Should Know about Missions in the 21st Century" - American Baptist Evangelical Journal (Summer, 2003, Vol. 11, #3):  3-17. The audio covers points 6-10, but the audio for points 1-5 is not available.


I. Point 5, ethnography
II. Point six, there is a big difference between missions and evangelism.
III. Point 7 - Importance of Community
IV. Point 8 - The reality of the growth of Pentecostalism
V. Point 9 - How missionaries are sent out is changing dramatically
VI. Point 10 - Mission structures are changing

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