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Top Ten Myths about Missions

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Dr. Tennent dispels the top ten myths about missions, so that we can be better equipped to think appropriately about the great missionary cause.


Practical Applications and Strategies, cont.

VII. Dispelling the Top Ten Myths about Missions

A. Myth 1 - Unreached means gospel resistant

B. Myth 2 - Evangelism always leads to church planting

C. Myth 3 - Missions means going to live in jungles somewhere

D. Myth 4 - The remaining work of missions can be done by national Christians

E. Myth 5 - Missionaries have destroyed cultures

F. Myth 6 - There are no job opportunities in missions

G. Myth 7 - Missions is only for the super spiritual

H. Myth 8 - Short-term mission projects are sufficient to fulfill the great commission

I. Myth 9 - Missionary commitment is mainly about giving money

J. Myth 10 - Hearing the Gospel is the same as being reached by the gospel

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