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Titles of Jesus

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Jesus’ deeds reinforce what he is teaching. The different titles people use when they address or refer to him describe different aspects of his nature and ministry. Jesus is more concerned about how the Church engages and influences the world than about what goes on within the four walls of a building.


I. Christology

            A. Rabbi

            B. Prophet

            C. Son of David

                        1. Josephus, Antiquities viii. 2, section 5

                        2. Entry into Jerusalem

            D. Messiah or King of the Jews

            E. Servant

            F. Holy One

            G. Shepherd

            H. Lord

            I. Son of God

            J. Son of Man

            K. God

II. Sociological emphasis

            A. Associating with tax collectors and sinners

            B. Only God has the authority to forgive sins

            C. Authority over holy time (healing on sabbath days)

            D. Authority over other powers (exorcisms)

            E. The scope of Jesus' miracles

            F. Purity

            G. Jesus claims that he has authority over the Law

            H. Temple cleansing

            I. Suffering and the cross

            J. Vindication in resurrection with judgment to follow

III. Other aspects of Jesus' theology (split at 50:46)

            A. Community

            B. Salvation

            C. Discipleship

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