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Three Kings

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David is a man after God’s own heart. How is this possible when he made so many moral mistakes? Being after God’s own heart does not mean David is morally upright, but that he has unwavering faith in the one true God of Israel. That is unique to David in these narratives. The narratives are clear that both Saul and Solomon conjoined belief in the God of Israel with the worship of other gods. David, however, is never portrayed as worshipping other gods or setting up altars to Idols.


The United Monarchy:  Three Kings


I.  David


II.  Saul

A.  Ish-bosheth - "Man of Shame"

B.  Ish-baal - "Man of Baal"

C.  Saul a syncretist.


III.  Solomon

A.  Solomon a Syncretist

B.  "After God's Own Heart"


IV.  Redemption

A.  1 Samuel 1

B.  Buying back the firstborn

C.  Redemption: God buys us back


V.  Covenant Renewal Speech

A.  1 Samuel 12

B.  Other Examples

1.  Preamble/Prologue

2.  Stipulations

3.  Sanctions

4.  Document Clause

5.  Witnesses

C.  The New Covenant Renewal

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