Free Online Bible Classes | The Theology of Job (Part 3)

The Theology of Job (Part 3)

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Job tells us about the heavenly mediator. Prior to his afflictions, Job’s life was almost god-like because he was relatively free of suffering. Job through his affliction, faces the problem of evil and the enormity of suffering in the human race. Even though some people commit evil and violent acts, Job describes them in pitiful terms.


I. Prior to His Affliction, He Was Almost God-like in Being Relatively Free of Suffering

A. The ground Job walked on prospered

B. People fell silent in his presence

C. He put on righteousness as a garment

D. He punished the wicked

E. He cared for people who were suffering

F. Eyes to the blind and feet to the lame

II. Job Had No Firsthand Experience of Suffering Until He Experienced Calamity

A. Job now knows what it means to suffer

B. Job spoke with compassion for common sinners {see contrast of high and low status at 15 minutes to 16 minutes]

III. The Need for a Mediator and Redeemer

A. Job wanted a mediator to plead his case

B. We know that Jesus is the mediator between God and humans

C. Job became aware of human suffering by experiencing it

D. Characteristics of a mediator

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