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Themes in Genesis

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Themes from selected passages in Genesis about which there are interpretations that differ greatly. These include Genesis 2 regarding creation of women and their roles, Genesis 6 about the "Sons of God," and Genesis 9 about the "curse of Ham." Other themes are the story of Abraham, and God as a punisher of evil.


Origins:  Themes in Genesis


I.  Genesis 2:18

A.  "Suitable"?

B.  Hebrew - Ezer, help corresponding to

C.  Mirror Image

D.  Eve was created from Adam.


II.  Genesis 6:1-3

A.  "Sons of God" = Angels

B.  Influence of Satan

C.  Early Sampling of God's Final Judgment


III.  Genesis 9:24

A.  "Curse of Ham"?

B.  "Uncovered his nakedness" = Have sex with

C.  Curse on Canaan


IV.  Structure of Genesis

A.  History of the World to 2000 B.C. - Chapters 1-11

B.  Story of Abraham - Chapters 12-24


V.  Genesis 15

A.  "Sin of the Amorites"

B.  Amorite = Canaanite

C.  God as a Punisher of Evil

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