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Thomas and his family became believers in mid July 2010. By the end of July 2010, Thomas was preaching under a tree in his village.  He was telling people what Jesus had done for him and how Jesus had changed his heart and life.  At the time, Thomas did not have a Bible or a deeper knowledge of the gospel.  This is a normal situation in Africa.  There are thousands coming to Christ but with few trained pastors or church leaders.

Thomas was encouraged to go to KBTC, which is a seminary about 8 hours from his village.  Because of the cost and time away from the village, the classes at KBTC are 2 to 3 week intensive courses and most pastors like Thomas can only attend two to three time a year.

Thomas was given a tablet, which contains all the materials available from  The materials are on the tablet so an internet connection is not required.  This has allowed Thomas to study and to learn the Bible from the best teachers in the USA.  The leadership courses are helping him learn how to be a pastor.

Thomas is now able to hold meetings in other villages and teach the Word with confidence and clarity.  The training has helped Thomas to plant several churches in other villages.  He has started holding meetings in the Masai Villages in Tanzania with large turnouts to hear the gospel. Thomas is using the courses that have already been translated into Swahili to spread the Gospel.  He finds them to be very helpful and is praying we will be able to provide more Swahili translations.

Will you help by donating to so that we may fully equip Thomas and others with additional translations so they can expand their work with the Masai in Kenya and Tanzania.

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