Steve |
December 8, 2017


I have to give BT and Bill Mounce a heartfelt thank you for your Life is a Journey series of lessons. I have just returned from teaching for four days among the Navajo people. They all understood the material, from age 12 to 66. A friend of mine has a Christian leadership training center in the hinterlands of eastern Arizona and he asked me to help provide discipleship training. The long-term goal is to develop young Christian leadership to influence all of the tribes in Arizona and New Mexico for Christ.

Our recent retreat had 49 youth and adults in attendance, plus pastoral and camp staff. The positive result was 1) growth in the knowledge of the Word of God, 2) personal application to individual and family problems, and 3) victory over the influence of traditional religion and detailed training in the Bible in the lives of one very large family. One grandfather, who has been teaching his family to follow Christ for decades, had the privilege of baptizing 10 of his children and grandchildren. There is much work to do, but this group of people is excited and determined to continue with Christ.

The entire retreat was structured around [Life is a Journey]. If people tell you it is too much for children, or cross-cultural groups or new Christians, don't believe them. We did it. And today I received a request for more training from the leader of the group.

Thank you, brothers, for your excellent training and making it available to us. When I can, I will send a photo or three of the group. Please encourage one another with these results as you continue your work.

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